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Kenji Lauren Tanner

Kenji Tanner Fine Art

Salinas, CA


Welcome to the world of the internationally acclaimed surrealist artist Kenji, as she presents her current collection of work. Here is your opportunity to join the many prominent collectors such as Maxine Waters, Bill Cosby, Randy Crawford, Smokey Robinson, Al Jarreau, Lou Rawls, and others in embracing Kenji’s inspiring and sensitive visions.

In addition to the many private collections, her work is received nationally through her commissioned pieces. Such as BMG Music Distribution, Universal Music Distribution, Magic Johnson Pan African, and others. Kenji was recently commissioned for Motown’s 50th Anniversary 2009 by Universal Music Group, to create Limited Edition Prints for their Nationwide Campaign to celebrate the immense accomplishments to Black music. The painting portrays musical icons, Marvin Gaye, Isaac Hayes, Etta James, The Temptations, The Supremes and Chuck Berry and recognizes musical moguls.

Kenji has perfected fresh techniques that add extended movement and innovation to her work. Motivated by her environment and life experience, Kenji remains dedicated to exhibiting dynamic visions that inspire contemplation. She combines passion in her enthusiasm to maintain integrity in her work. Kenji also is developing her photography visions as she loves nature and vibes deep in her soul to maintain her connection with the spiritual.

When viewing the artistic work of Kenji, whose professional career spans over more than a decade, one immediately recognizes the natural and spiritual development of her inborn talent. Her paintings illustrate the diversity and development of Kenji’s artistic vision. With many pieces sold out and hanging in numerous homes and galleries across the country, Kenji introduces new works that transcend her past creations and represent her growth and change as a visionary within the art community.

“My philosophy is to honor what’s in my heart as an artist. My Japanese and African American traditions have provided me with a wellspring of feelings that emerge from within. Conveying these insights and experiences with texture and color gives me the advantage to bring my personal connection to the painting and interpret what’s inside my soul on canvas in diversified ways. Art affords me the freedom to paint personal experiences that appear in all our lives on a daily basis. In doing so I am able to share with others what I perceive along with the collectors view point of their own insights and perspective into my work. The work then takes on a human commonality.”

Kenji includes lectures, teaches workshops and self esteem art classes to children of all ages.



Chivalry Is Alive by Kenji Lauren Tanner


Sacred Feathers by Kenji Lauren Tanner


Real Time by Kenji Lauren Tanner


Motown Commemorative 50th Anniversary by Kenji Lauren Tanner


Sangin' by Kenji Lauren Tanner


The Final Chord by Kenji Lauren Tanner


Just There by Kenji Lauren Tanner


True Brotherly Love by Kenji Lauren Tanner


The Female Factor by Kenji Lauren Tanner


No Parking Zone by Kenji Lauren Tanner


Ol Man by Kenji Lauren Tanner


Ol Woman by Kenji Lauren Tanner


Sankofa by Kenji Lauren Tanner


Hat-ti-tude by Kenji Lauren Tanner


Lake Tahoe by Kenji Lauren Tanner


Breaking New Ground by Kenji Lauren Tanner


Love in the Afternoon by Kenji Lauren Tanner


Monterey Ca by Kenji Lauren Tanner


seaweed by the shore by Kenji Lauren Tanner


Yosemite's Sacred Underground Spring by Kenji Lauren Tanner